Monday, December 7, 2009

Revised Introduction and Thesis Paragraph - Please give feedback!!!

First Paragraph:
While the U.S. is a powerful, lucrative country, this is not necessarily true of other countries. After focusing on Mexico, it is clear that there is a direct contrast between the U.S. and Mexican economically. The Mexicans were subjugated to impoverished negative conditions. They too lacked employment. Nevertheless working would not have a substantially effect on them since their money had little value. Mexicans have been seeking help for numerous years, hoping for a change in life. Unfortunately, to their dismay, America has responded to this call. In duration of America’s dominance of Mexico, we examine what results have taken place based on its new opportunities. Is the United States of America living up to the imperial role means taking care of other countries it chooses to become involved with? How about the Mexicans in America? A relationship that has been based on a corrupted dominating spectrum results in a weak and vulnerable Mexico with very little economic freedom and potential to improve their status.

Thesis Paragraph:
The United States has exemplified numerous ways in which they abuse their power as a nation. We may consider their relationship with Mexico for instance, a relationship which is based on economic and political dominance sprouted from an opportunity to take over a vulnerable country. Throughout history, Mexico was susceptible to America’s trap and is left with very few benefits from the situation. The public fails to witness how the American government acts as a traitor and hypocrite, in order to help them prosper and maintain their imperial status.

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  1. I think you have a really interesting claim and Mexico is a country that had and continues to have many conflicts with the U.S.

    Some questions that you should think about:

    How and what kind of relation the U.S has with Mexico?
    How has Mexico responded to U.S intervention?
    How has excessive immigration from Mexican's to the U.S has affected their relations? Is it good or bad for the Mexican people?
    It will be interesting to have some historical facts, to inform the reader the relations between them. One good example will be the Mexican war, in which the U.S implemented their imperial role.

    Do you think Mexico depends on the U.S?
    How the U.S depends on Mexico? Questions to consider.