Monday, December 7, 2009

Extra Credit: Obama Speech

What view of America in the world does Obama argue for? How does it compare to the view of the neoconservatives discussed in "Visions of Dominance"? To other views we've seen this semester.
- Obama really tries to explain how he does not think America is an empire. He wants America to be portrayed as a country that dealt with unfortunate circumstances due to our past leaders and everyone should overcome it in order for us to accept the present and to focus on present situations. Obama wants America to be shown as a country that unites during a a time of need and that we can all come to an agreement when we need to for the greater cause. I disagree with his thoughts because we have only come together for business purposes since 9/11. Klein explains how individuals are taken advantage of during a time of shock, and I agree.

What is Bacevich's argument and how does it relate to critiques of U.S. power we've read this semester?
- Bacevich argues that Obama is repeating what had happened in the past. I thought that connecting this war to the Vietnam war was very interesting. Many might say that this war is a lot more organized and less chaotic than the Vietnam war. I think Bacevich's opinion brings about a different sense since he had witnessed other leaders that did everything they could in order to persuade the military the pros of war. Many individuals seem to like Obama, but to hear Bacevich criticize the speech and tear it apart was unique. His different perspective showed how Obama is not much different than any other president we have had, even during the worst of times.

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  1. Interesting observations - it's interesting to think about the parallels between these wars - not so much in terms of the situations in these countries, which are very different, but in terms of how governments have made decisions - often as much because of their internal political reasons as anything else.