Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thesis Paragraph

The United States has exemplified numerous ways in which they abuse their power as a nation. We may consider their relationship with Mexico for instance. A relationship which is based on economic and political sprouted from an opportunity to take over a vulnerable country. Mexico does not see how America is only using them for their resources to make themselves prosper, but goes along since they are receiving particular benefits which stabilizes their economy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prewriting/Brainstorming for Research Paper

Country of choice: MEXICO

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?

- Well at first I wanted to research India, but when we were in the library that day, I realized that there was not much for me to say. I was not very interested in the topic either. I began to think about the Hurricane Katrina film and what countries I could connect to that. I thought to myself: what happened during the Swine Flu epidemic took place? It really made me think. Why was Mexico being blamed? How did the Mexican government take care of their people? The U.S. is so quick to help other nations but what happened this time around?
-We also read about Mexicans in Prof. Miller’s class. I was astonished yet amazed by how the American and Mexican government treated laborers. I also thought about the Farmingville film. Again, the mistreatment of a being really makes you think.

What has struck you about this history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knowledge and experience you may have?
-I first think of the stereotypes against Mexicans. Everyone thinks that they are illegal and uneducated. It is really unfair.
-The Bracero program really got to me. I understand how it seemed like it benefitted everybody but the aftermath of it seemed like a disaster to me. People were being mistreated, overworked, and then deported.

Based on your reading and knowledge so far, do you think the U.S.’s relationship with this country supports the thesis “The United States is an imperial power”?
-I think the United States’ relationship with Mexico is definitely an imperial one but I have trouble explaining it. I think the U.S. was controlling the economy and everything was done in a sneaky way so that the U.S. is portrayed as a great country who helps others in need but is just using them to prosper.

What don’t you know that you want to find out?
-How did both U.S. and Mexican governments react to the Swine Flu?
-How was the U.S. acting as an imperial power?
-What were the drug problems?
-Tourism: Cancun*
-What is NAFTA’s role?